What is featbacks?

Featbacks is a free platform to share and collect feedbacks such as ideas, features, questions or issues about your personal projects.

It's built around a discussion based system where each user feedback is turned into an open discussion where everyone can reply to that discussion or upvote it.

Featbacks has an upvoting system which permits the users to upvote the feedbacks they retain deserves more attention, in order to standing out the most requested topics.

Why featbacks? 🤔

Often we need a fast and reliable way to simply collect feedbacks about a personal or side project, in order to known what our audience thinks about our product or to know what are the hot topics to tackle first (for example an highly requested feature or to report an issue that is preventing an application to work correctly).

Featbacks was built for this. It will allow you to collect and share different kind of feedbacks (such as ideas, questions, announcements, issues reporting and much more) between you and your audience.

Thanks to the upvoting system feature you will constantly know what your audience is really interested about your project and in what they are less caring about. In this way you will surely be able to better manage your priorities and your time spent on the next feature you need to bring on.


You can take a look at Featbacks Project (It's the official project where this app is collecting its own feedbacks)

Or you can watch this youtube video where i explain how Featbacks works.

Creating a project 🪧

A project is a shareable space where you and your audience can talk about ideas, thoughts, features, issues about one of your personal projects.

To create a new project, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Home page click on Create Project button or ( if you are already signed in ) open your avatar menu, placed on the upper right corner, and click on New Project (You must be already signed in, to perform this action)
  2. Insert the title and a description about your project, along with the first discussion of the project. By default it's setted out to a "Welcome" Announcement 📣 discussion, but you are free to edit it.
  3. Submit your project.
  4. Once the project has been created, you will be redirected on the main project page that will list all the active discussions of the project.
  5. From there, you can start off by opening some initial discussions.
  6. To share the project with your audience click on the Copy Link button and send it to whoever you want.
  7. From now you can start collecting feedbacks in your fresh new project.

Creating a discussion 💬

A discussion is where you can request a feature, talk about an idea, report an issue, give an important announcement or whatever it may be, regarding the context of the project in which you're creating it.

Every discussion must have a category. There are different kind of categories:

  • Announcement 📣 to give an important announcement to your audience, e.g. a new release of your project (This is only available to project owners)
  • Idea 💡 to talk about an idea that you came up with or to request a particular feature
  • Question ❓ any kind of question you have about the project or to ask for opinions
  • Troubleshoot 🔨 to report an issue or an unexpected behaviour
  • General 🎯 everything else that doesn't fit into a specific category

To create a new discussion just go to the desired project and click on "New Discussion"

Voting discussion and replies 👍🏻

One of the most important features of Featbacks is voting. It's a simple way to tell that a particular discussion or a reply deserve attention.

For example let's say that an user open a new discussion requesting a very awesome feature. You and other users find that that feature it's very worthy and so decide to upvote it.

In a short period of time the discussion could reach a good amount of upvotes and thus stand out in the eyes of the project owner.

This is one of the fundamental principles for which Featbacks was built.

Created by Gionatha

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